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Christianity Around The World - Sudan

For 30 years, Christians endured horrific persecution under Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. His brutal regime oversaw campaigns to eradicate believers, most notably through the relentless bombing of predominantly Christian villages in the Nuba Mountains.

On April 11, the Sudanese military removed the indicted war criminal from power after months of protest. Days later, churches gathered at the military’s headquarters in Khartoum to worship God and pray for the future of their country.

“For him to be removed is like having something heavy on our shoulders taken down,” said Pastor Hassan Abduraheem, who spent 510 days in Sudanese prisons for his work as a pastor. “We want to rejoice, but we’re still waiting to know what will happen. We need people to pray for Sudan.”

PIC: Pastor Hassan with VOM Global Ambassador Petr Jasek in a Sudanese prison in 2016.

While the immediate future of Sudan’s government is uncertain, VOM’s (Voice of The Martyrs) continued support of Sudanese brothers and sisters is certain. VOM has been serving Sudanese Christians since the late 1990s.

Under Bashir’s rule, VOM’s work in Sudan had been deemed illegal. Even meeting with our persecuted Christian family, giving them practical assistance and praying with them made VOM staff members “enemies of the state.”

Ongoing VOM work in Sudan includes providing water, medical care and other basic necessities, as well as evangelism tools so our brothers and sisters can further advance the gospel during their nation’s time of upheaval.

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