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Hebrew Words Aliyah

The Israelites were called to make a journey to Jerusalem, three times a year. The first journey is in the spring for Passover. The second, in early summer for Shavuot or the Pentecost. And, lastly, in the autumn for Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles. In other words, the people of God were called to journey to Jerusalem in every season of the sacred year – at all times. No matter where you lived, in order to journey to Jerusalem, you had to go up the mountain. Thus, the journey was called “the Aliyah” or “the going up.”

You, too, are called to “go up.” But not just once when you come to the Lord, and not just occasionally when you make big decisions in life, but in all seasons. Our Lord calls you to journey upward at all times, in every season of your life and walk, and in every circumstance. So, make it your commitment, every day, to go up and always choose the higher path. In doing that, your life will be headed only for glory – for you are called to make aliyah in every season.



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