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Following his application in verse 17, John summarizes the need for Christians to act on love, not just think about it. It is important to communicate love through our words and, most importantly, through our actions. Jesus gave a similar warning to the Pharisees in Matthew 15:4–9. Just as truly saving faith will produce good works (James 2:17–19), truly loving another person will produce loving actions. This verse once again uses the Greek root word agape, meaning selfless, sacrificial love.

Jesus not only spoke about love, but He also portrayed His love thorough His powerful actions to match His teachings. John 13 offers a clear example in which Jesus washed the feet of His disciples to teach them to serve one another in humility. His death on the cross offered the most powerful evidence of love "in deed and in truth." He endured suffering, ridicule, and death from those who should have recognized Him as the Messiah. Yet His actions also included His resurrection, offering love in action that changed the course of history.

So today, let us bow down humbly to do the best we can do to show our love in action — all acts of love and kindness, no matter how small you may think they are!

PLEASE PRAY WITH ME: Lord Jesus, blessed be your name in my heart and my tongue and through my actions and deeds. Lord, may you watch over me in everything I do so that I may do only those things that are pleasing to you. In thy Holy name, AMEN.



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