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Passing The Torch

God's Word to Them... Read James, Chapter 1.

James, the brother of Jesus, was writing to scattered groups of Christians during a time of great persecution. His purpose was to encourage these groups to hang onto their faith during difficult times. This letter was written around 50 C.E.

God's Word to Us...

Now, nearly 2,000 years later, we are still learning, still gaining encouragement from James’ practical, straight-talking advice. He tells us to persevere through trials, because trials build our faith. He tells us to ask God for wisdom, and God will generously give it to us. He teaches us to avoid favoritism, to control our tongues, to do good whenever we are able. James’ simple act of penning an encouraging letter has exercised influence for centuries and has served to build up countless members of the body of Christ. We never know how far-reaching our service for Christ will be!

As we read James’ timeless words of wisdom, we must ask ourselves: “What am I doing for Christ? What legacy am I leaving behind for my children and grandchildren?" Whether it is a letter, or long conversations about God’s goodness, or simply bringing our faith to life through our actions, we must not neglect the future generations.

Their future faith is closely intertwined with ours. We, like James, must take responsibility and pass the torch to them.

Cream and Sugar...

Name three people you can talk to today and tell how God has made a difference in your life.

PLEASE PRAY WITH ME: Dear Father, thank You for the men and women who have served You throughout the ages, so that I could know You and serve You better today. Please use my life to encourage others in their relationships with You. AMEN.



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