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Prepare for Action

" Prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed." —1 Peter 1:13

When Jesus came the first time, He revealed God (John 1:18). As wonderful, powerful, and gracious as He was in His earthly ministry, He did not fully reveal all who He is. Our hope is tied to His return. When He comes this time, He will not come to reveal God, but will reveal Himself — the conquering Lord, the Rider on the white horse. Every knee will bow.

We will get to see Him for who He really and fully is — Immanuel in power and grace, triumphant in every way. When we set our hope on Jesus' grace, upon His return, we can be confident and ready for active servitude to our King. Until then we can live under His leadership with obedience and praise today.

PLEASE PRAY WITH ME: O' Almighty God, I long for the day when I get to see Jesus face to face coming with the angels in power. Until that time, fasten my heart in hope to the glory Jesus will share with me on that day, and please empower me to live as one who knows that victory is mine in Jesus. Jesus, through your mighty name, I pray. AMEN.



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