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The Benefit of Faith

Faith is the gift that keeps on giving. This is a beautiful truth.

But it is also hard to understand and a challenge to fully take advantage of. We like gifts. They thrill us even it is for a moment. Some gifts we can store until we need them. However, we’re unsure how to steward an ever-present gift from GOD, faith. 

What ends up happening is that the deep significance of faith follows us around as we casually ignore it or take it for granted or forget it altogether. It becomes a normal routine. Faith starts to blend in to the everyday setting of our lives and we can no longer tell if it is really even there. We put it on layaway, calling it forward only when a circumstance requires it.

The book of Hebrews is a great source to go to when we want to know about faith. The author of Hebrews writes,

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

We can only hope for what we don’t have. But faith turns expectation to substance. “Not seen” does normally not fit with evidence. Yet faith makes it so. Faith turns God’s promises and things of the spiritual world into visible and tangible current realities.

The book of Hebrews goes on to describe faith as actions of obedience.

Our choices unlock the full benefit of our faith. They are the physical manifestations of who we trust and how we view the world. As we make our decisions, the ramifications of faith are put into motion.

If we are waiting on our faith to show itself, we are living with a false perception of how this whole thing works. Circumstance, situation, and setting are mostly external.

Faith is an internal gift. It is the hope of our spirit. And if it is lying dormant inside of us, that is nothing less than a result of our choices. If we want to see it in action, there is no solution other than making the choice to do so.

I encourage you to choose to put your faith into action today. 



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