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The Lord Is My Light

It is worth noting how plants and trees turn to the light; how bleached vegetation becomes if it be shut up in darkness.

The utter dark is dreadful to men, it may even be felt, so does it press upon the mind. The dimness of a foggy day depresses many spirits more than trouble or pain. The cry of the sick man, “Would God it were morning!” is the groan of all healthy life when gloom surrounds it. What, then, can be said, if there be light, and we refuse it? He must have ill work on hand who loves the darkness. Only bats, and owls, and unclean and ravenous things are fond of the night. Children of light walk in the light, and reflect the light. (C. H. Spurgeon.)


PRAYER: Lord, you are my light. I am lost without you. I am like a forgotten leaf that is severed from it’s tree and left alone to wilt away. Lord, please do not turn your face away from me as there is nothing that can revive my soul. Please Abba, let your light shine through me and hold joy so others may see your glorious light. In Jesus’ holy name, I pray. AMEN.




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