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The Love Seed

In agriculture, the seed produces fruit. But fruit also bears seed. So within fruit is found seed. So, too, in the Spirit. In the fruit of the Spirit is the seed of the Spirit. So when you bear the fruit of love, that love which you bear contains the seed of another generation of love, the seed to generate love in others.

When you bear the fruit of joy, you are also bearing the seeds of joy, the power to bring joy to others. In other words, the fruit of love contains the key to producing more love, love begets love, joy begets joy, faith begets faith, and goodness begets goodness.

So what is it that you want to see in others, in your spouse, your children, your parents, your friends, your co-workers, your brothers and sisters in God? Whatever that is, give them seed to produce that fruit. But in order to give them the seed, you must first bear the fruit yourself. What you want to see more in the lives of others, bear more in your own life. For in every fruit there is seed.

From Message #1390 - The Harvest Of Heaven And Hell by Jonathan Kahn.

TODAY'S MISSION - Today, what is it that you want to see produced in the lives of others? Give what you want to receive – bear the fruit you want them to bear.


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