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Worship And Why We Struggle

Worship; it's talked about at church, mentioned in the Bible, and the subject of so many Sunday school lessons, but why is it so hard sometimes? How can we make it easier?

Everyone Worships Differently

Most of the time when people hear the word worship, they think of singing. But worship is not just singing. In fact, worship is different for every single person. Worship can be singing, praying, dancing, reading the Bible, doing devotions, journaling, literally anything that is done to honor God. Webster's dictionary has a pretty awesome definition of worship, "Worship is to honor with extravagant love and extreme submission." Some people like to throw their arms up in praise and some people like to stay more reserved. I'm here to tell you that either way is fine. There should never be shame in worship. Often times people feel self conscious worshipping in groups because their style of worship may be "weird" or "different" than other people's styles. Stop thinking about what those around you are thinking and submit to the Lord! This is your time to honor and praise Him with all of your heart. Do not be ashamed.

Limit Distractions

It is so easy to get distracted in worship. You are sitting in the pew on Sunday and the preacher is preaching, but your mind is focused on all of the work you have to get done at home or what you are having for lunch after church. Trust me, I am guilty! But it is in that moment that we have to get outside of our thoughts and fully focus on God and the reason that we come to church everyday. Why are we waking up early every Sunday just to sit and think about things we could be thinking about at home? Well, we didn't. We came to church to honor and give recognition to our Lord. So get what you came for! The dishes will still be there when you get home, but use these few hours to totally give God the glory He deserves.

Make Time

We should not be going to church or worshiping simply because it is our "obligation" as a Christian. Yes, we should totally be spending time with God every single day, but please please do it because you want to. Nobody likes being forced or feeling forced to do anything. Do not put God in this situation. This brings us to a serious question; who is God to you? I know, this one is loaded. But really, who is He to you? Having our priorities in order is so important. It is so incredibly easy to put God at the bottom of the list. I mean, when do we have time? Well, we have to make time. I mean, Jesus, without sin, died on the cross to save us from hell. I think we can take at least five minutes out of our lives to shoot him a prayer or read and meditate over a Bible verse. Trust me, it makes your day go SO much better.



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