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"But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever."



- 1 Timothy 5:8


Find unique items and handmade gifts for special occasions, your home, family, and friends in our shop. We feature one of a kind creation by independent artists, small businesses, and makers from around the world.
Connect directly with craft makers and enjoy unique and rare finds.

Accepting Applications Now

apply for yourself or nominate someone today!


If you’re looking to advance your mission and enhance your artistic impact, our strategic artisan program can give you access to tools, resources, and services you need.


GODVERSITY is providing a concrete way to respond to the global problems of poverty, hunger, and our environment. We encourage and welcome you to experience the unique art and positive change we are making in our world.


A relationship with GODVERSTIY also allows both parties to operate independently. Rather than consolidating programs, you would simply share information and coordinate your efforts with ours.


By entering you agree to be treated like the crafty genius that you are as we share your story and success with the world. That means we’re going to say very flattering things about you and basically make a big deal about how rad everyone thinks you are on social media sites, in emails, all across GODVERSITY and just about everywhere we can. If you’re cool with that, let’s do this!



Before you move forward, it’s

important to define what you want it to accomplish and keep your goals front and center as you explore the possibilities with us.





By serving as a retail outlet for fairly traded goods from around the globe, GODVERSITY seeks to establish:

  • Provide increased self-employment for low-income artisans worldwide

  •  Raise the public’s awareness of and concern for economic justice for the poor and impoverished parts of our world

  •  Support sustainable economic development which protects our earth and environment

  •  Provide funding for projects which create jobs or provide job training for low-income disadvantaged persons

how we do it?

With the help of our community of suppliers, we find amazing artisans and groups that are making a change in their communities and producing beautiful and functional products. We partner with them, and bring them to buyers, connecting consumers to curated selections of handmade products and introduce them to the artisans around the world who make them. 


Our customers give the artisans a 50% deposit once the order is placed and they are paid in full when the shipment is ready. This allows our artisans to build better lives for their families.Your shopping dollars allow us to continue our mission of nourishing the joy and dignity of earning wages for the family and spreading the Word of God with the suppliers and artisans.



Why Market With Us? 

  • Artisans can make fair price and grow their awareness

  • We appreciate and encourage the artists and their support their creative ideas

  • In many countries, we support and good working conditions that are healthy and safe

  • We promote and provide equal opportunity for women and ensure no child exploitation

  • Cultural identity and traditions are honored and respected

  • Support and rehabilitation of abused women and children

  • Sharing the Gospel through practical training and education

  • Support local businesses


There are several more aspects of our artisan support programs that add to its value and uniqueness. Artisans retain 90% of the price for their goods as well as advances on orders. The ability to provide continuity of orders is considered a high priority by GODVERSITY. We work closely with the artisans to provide quality products. The purchase and marketing of the goods are conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

creative market perks

Global Network

GODVERSITY is a platform to get your products in front of over 2 million members wherever they are.

Set Your Own Price

You know the value of your work. Keep control over your product prices and change them at anytime.

No Exclusivity Lock-In

Sell with us, on your own site, and beyond. There’s nothing to lose in letting us help promote your work.

Earn upto 90% On Each Sale

You put in the hard work to create amazing products. You deserve more from each sale.



    • ​​​Home Decor

    • Corporate Art


    • Clothing

    • Jewelry

    • Bath & Beauty

    • Accessories

    • Technology


    • Food & Nutrition

    • Health Beverages

    • Health Supplements 

    • Educational Technology

    • Books

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