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A Servant’s Heart

Jesus made it explicitly clear that love for others was a cornerstone of obedience to God (Matthew 22:36–40). In the context of Jesus' washing of the disciples' feet, Jesus explained that if the Master acts as a humble servant, so too should those who follow Him. As such, Jesus doubles down on that idea by setting His own love as the standard to which all believers should aspire. In the next verse, Jesus will further explain the importance of acting in Christian love. In no uncertain terms, love—especially between fellow believers—is meant to be the primary and most powerful sign of one's Christian faith (John 13:35; 1 John 3:14).


PLEASE PRAY WITH ME: O Lord, the King of Kings, who led and taught not as a mighty ruler, but a servant leader, show me how to lead and live through love. Teach me how to love and serve others with a gracious and humble heart. Help me to always remember your words, being reminded each time I come before your table to share your living Word. As I come before you to eat the bread of redemption and drink the cup of your salvation, may I recommit my heart to serving you and leading through love. To you, O Lord, who are mighty to save, pour out your mercy and grace and lead me in your way. AMEN.




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