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Christ in COVID Times

If this whole coronavirus seems like a curse, I hear you. Depending on which headline you read, the interruptions, cancellations, and social isolations are far from over, which means so many of the blessings we love might be MIA for months to come. Even after a month of self-quarantine, we already miss our church, friends, family, and the “old life”.

Do you feel the same way?

There’s a silver lining to this corona cloud. After all, we worship a God who has promised that this virus is underneath the complete control of Jesus (Ephesians 1:22).

How could Christ be using every infection, every fear, every detour in our lives for His plans and purposes? How might He be doing this math among us?

Simply equate this — Christ > Corona (and every ailment put together).

Can you envision at least ten blessings God could be giving us along this coronavirus-infected road? In the days to come, I hope to open your eyes wide enough that you might praise Him even here, even now.




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