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Daily Wisdom - Law Vs. Faith

PRAYER: Holy Father, since the beginning of times, you have made provisions to save us from sin. First, through the law - as per the written scriptures. Then, through the example of living faith of your son, Jesus Christ. Abba, we thank you for giving us this saving grace and your loving kindness. In Jesus name, Amen!

THOUGHTS: Analysts and commentators always divide people into different categories and groups. It is easy - and sometimes attractive - to think of oneself as part of a particular group. Paul reminds us that such divisions may limit our view of God's actions. We must consider what it is like to let go of distinctions, remembering what it means to be one in Christ.'

Sometimes we can become our own disciplinarian, living by rules and limits that we set down. Let us pray that we may receive and live in the freedom that Jesus wishes for our lives.


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