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Daily Wisdom - Psalm 119:130

PRAYER : Holy Father, thank you for making your known your words in Scripture. Bless us Lord, as we open your Word to seek the Light. May we find not only the answer to our troubling questions, but also find you and your holy will for us. In Jesus' precious name we pray. Amen.


EXPLAINATION: The entrance of your words; the very beginnings and rudiments of them; the first discoveries of those sacred mysteries; and much more the depths of them, in which their chief excellency consists. Or, as others both ancient and later interpreters render the place, The opening of thy words; by which may be understood, either,

1. The opening of men’s minds by the word of God; but that seems to be the same thing with giving light, which here follows; or, 2. The opening or declaration of God’s mind made in and by his word. Unto the simple; to the most ignorant and unlearned persons, who are but willing to learn.


REFLECTION: Biblical meditation is often the key to turning on that light. You have to soak your mind in the light. Biblical meditation isn’t losing your mind to the universe; it’s focusing it on the Word of God. When you do that, you bring light into your life.


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