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Don’t Fear Your Problems

In the days of the Gulf War, Saddam Hussein was sending scud missiles into the land of Israel, aiming especially for its Jewish cities.

During one attack, about 200 people gathered together to seek shelter inside a building. The missile struck their building, and it came crashing down. There was a smell of burning sulfur, and a thick cloud of dust filled the room. When the explosion was over, and the dust began to clear, everyone was in total astonishment to learn that not one of the 200 people were touched.

God promised Israel He would keep them and that no matter what evil came against them, they would survive. And the proof of God’s Word is the existence of the nation of Israel itself. If you’re born again, you’re a citizen of the commonwealth of Israel. And so you too have a promise. Whatever is against you, problem, threat, danger, trouble, conflict... far greater than anything against you – is He who is for you. And as you trust in Him, you will be kept.

Fear saps our will power and leaves us feeling depleted and hopeless. Yet very few of us have ever experienced a defeat so complete and bitter as the one God's people faced when Isaiah shared this message of hope. The preservation of Israel through their horrors to the time of Jesus, the resurrection of Jesus from the dead when all appeared lost, the triumph of the Church through centuries of persecution and opposition are all powerful reminders that underneath us are the everlasting arms of a mighty and loving God who will ultimately bring us to share in his eternal victory.

PLEASE PRAY WITH ME: Almighty and Eternal Father, it is such sweet comfort to know that you are always there. Thank you for always being there and guaranteeing my victory when I walk in your ways! In Jesus' name. AMEN.




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