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"I love Jesus but I don't like Church"

We live in an increasingly secular culture. In this new age, religion is in retreat from the public square, and traditional institutions like the church are no longer functioning with the cultural authority they once held in generations past.

In a recent study done by Barna, today nearly half of America is unchurched. But even though more and more Americans are abandoning the institutional church and its defined boundary markers of religious identity, many still believe in God and practice faith outside its walls.


People disassociate themselves with things that aren't genuine and engage in conversations that support truth. The urge to gain factual knowledge is a growing trend in our modern culture. The fact is, there is an overwhelming amount of information that available through technology, all claiming to be true. There is so much information, you can "Google", that could take someone over a thousand lifetimes just to read what is already available today. But only .05% of what you see is the "Real Truth". So, how can you tell what is real, and what is not? This statements gives us an opportunity to take a step back and think deeper. (Message me if you have a question or a thought here.)

Many people say they love Jesus and what He stands for - love, kindness, and truth. These are not simply words or emotions but are vital expressions to our core being. But, if these "truth seekers" are unable to bear the standing hypocrisy of the organized religion, then where would they find the motivation to pursue these big questions? Contrary to the popular belief, and shocking to many, these unchurched aren't forsaking God, they are just disassociating themselves with those that erroneously speak to Him.

Present day faith is regularly challenged with a tricky minefield of philosophies, tenets, practices, and desires, where people deliberately stroll on eggshells to stay away from a reiteration of "sins" and "blasphemies" that will unavoidably draw in the anger from religious authorities, friends, and experts.

Especially, millennials are tired of having Jesus defined and judged by the political views, denominational affiliations, legalistic theological beliefs, strict traditions, social networks, and attitudes of others. They’re sick of the hypocrisy, judgment, infighting, fear, and shame associated with institutionalized “Christianity.”

It doesn’t take much to get burned out on the Christian faith when churches are filled with rigid rules, strict doctrines, and manipulative propaganda — promoting a wide variety of agendas that have nothing to do with Jesus.

For those facing discontentment, take heart! And realize that you’re not alone. Nearly all believers eventually face trials related to this at some point in their lives.

Try not to become cynical. Instead, turn up your Hope in Christ, be patient with others, offer forgiveness, communicate openly, and don’t withhold your suffering. Ask for help!

Talk to us about your conflicting thoughts and struggles in following Christ. What is hurting you? Use the comment box below or contact us.


Edited article : 04/07/2017



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