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Let Brotherly Love Continue

INSPIRATION: We should always be mindful of the people we come across in our lives. Whether they share the same beliefs as us, we should never treat someone badly. As Christians, we should allow the love in our hearts to lead us in treating everyone warmly. In times of the Old Testament, people would entertain guests and some of those guests turned out to be angels. Be kind to everyone you come across – angel or not. It’s the best way to express the love of God within us.

PRAYER: Dear God, I pray that I will be loving and accommodating to every person I come across – regardless of the differences we may share. Lord, may I reflect your love in the way I treat my brothers and sisters in the Lord, and those who may not know you. When I come across strangers, may my heart be welcoming towards them. In Jesus’ name, I pray. AMEN.



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