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Lift Up Your Hands In The Sanctuary

Hands, heart, and mind raised up, elevated, and adoring the Lord. As the angels praise God day without night, so must His people bless and worship Him.

Sing with a loud voice and bless the LORD. This is our main purpose. We are to bless men by sharing His teaching, but teach them to bless His Holy name more! Jehovah, You alone are our Lord.

Too often men look at public worship only from the side of its usefulness to the people; but the other matter is of even higher importance: we must see to it that the Lord God is adored, extolled, and held in reverence.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and let every other soul bless him. There will be no drowsiness about even midnight devotion if the heart is set upon blessing God in Christ Jesus.

If you receive it, can you say AMEN!



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