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Looking For That Blessed Hope...

As Christians, we long for the day we will meet our Savior face to face. We cling to the promise that our Lord will reappear and we will spend eternity worshipping him. Even on our toughest days, we hold to this blessed hope. When the world feels dark and troubling, we know this is just our temporary home. Our home is with our savior, Jesus Christ. It is this blessed hope that keeps us pressing onward and sharing this hope with the rest of the world.

PLEASE PRAY WITH ME: Dear God, there are many days when I am reminded that this fallen world is not my home – my home is with you for eternity! When the weight of the world begins to overwhelm me, help me to cling to that blessed hope. You are returning! No one else in history has been resurrected and no one else in history will return to Earth except for you, O Lord. Hallelujah! It is this knowledge that gives me hope to press on and help others find hope in you. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.



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