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Mimic Goodness

3 John is a short letter from the apostle John to a fellow Christian, Gaius. John emphasizes the importance of “truth,” which is mentioned a half-dozen times. The passage highlights the need for Christians to support each other, so that missionaries and evangelists don’t depend on the support of non-believers. John’s words also speak against church leaders who are more interested in reputation and power than submission to the truth.

In verse 11, John summarizes the proper response to dealing with evil, such as the works of Diotrephes (3 John 1:9–10).

First, he warns not to imitate evil, but good. These words resemble Paul's from Romans 12:21. Evil exists, but it's not something believers should join, or mimic. Instead, believers are to imitate what is good, and overcome evil that way. This includes avoiding things like violence, revenge, or hate. Instead, we are to use forgiveness, love, and truth.

Second, doing good deeds is evidence of a person's Christian faith. While only God sees the heart, and knows who is truly saved, those who do good show evidence of salvation. Those who do evil things are giving evidence that they are lost.

Context Summary

3 John 1:11–14 (15) encourages Gaius to follow good examples. In the previous verses, John condemned the actions of a man named Diotrephes. Rather than being arrogant and unwelcoming, Gaius is to follow those who seem to have “seen God.” One of these may be Demetrius, who is mentioned immediately afterwards. Third John not only emphasizes “truth,” but the importance of copying godly behaviors, not evil ones. This passage concludes his letter.

God exhibits His Son through our conduct. People who watch our lives should see Jesus in us like a daughter sees what she wants to be in her mother. A consistent testimony is a wonderful sight to behold.

Sometimes sheep follow so far behind the Shepherd that they cannot see Him so we follow other sheep that see Him. We must follow godly sheep if we are new sheep or out of touch sheep. That is the next best thing to following the Shepherd. Our ultimate aim is to follow the Shepherd.

PLEASE PRAY WITH ME: Holy Father, how just are your ways. You made us in your image and give us ways to confirm to your goodness. Lord, thank you for your word, as it is a daily beacon to our lives. Thank you for sending us your Son, so we can follow Him back to you. We believe and DelCare, may the Shepherd change the entire trend of our lives according to thy will. In His holy name, I pray. AMEN.



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