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Partner in Spreading The Good News

The church at Philippi ranked among Paul’s favorites. This friendly and personal letter stresses that joy can be found in any situation. Paul delivers his own testimony on the meaning of his present life, encourages his readers and instructs them on living in harmony with others and in obedience to God.

“1 Paul and Timothy, servants of Christ Jesus, To all God’s holy people in Christ Jesus at Philippi, together with the overseers and deacons. 2 Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” - Philippians 1:1-2

Paul prayed with joy because the Philippians were partners with him, not just supporters. Through their active participation, prayers, and interest in his work, they truly shared in his ministry. They were partners! Let's get interested in our faithfilled missions. Let's pray and become active in gospel sharing missions and get to know others who have not yet heard the Good News. May you display His likeness through your endeavors and sharing love. You can start by sharing this post, we know many have been touched and changed by reading the word, including myself.

PLEASE PRAY WITH ME: Father in heaven, I pray that Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Please bless and empower our humble attempt at spreading of the Good News throughout your Kingdom. Please protect and strengthen those with whom our friends partner, wherever they may be. Bless them with great health, maturity, discipline and character. Help me to recognize and to do the things that I can do to support and encourage them. In Jesus' name I pray. AMEN.



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