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Yeshua, our Messiah rose as the firstfruits of the dead during the season of Passover. The timing is amazingly perfect since Passover is also the season of the firstfruits.

We know of it in the Exodus phase from Egypt that God gave to Israel the law of the firstfruits. In Exodus 13:1, He says,

“Sanctify to me all the firstborn – whatever opens the womb among the children of Israel…”

So the law of the firstborn takes place at the very time that Israel is being “born” out of the womb of Egypt.

In Hebrew, the word for the firstfruit is “Bikor.” “Bikor” literally means, “the one who breaks forth,” “the one who opens the womb.” It’s no accident that at the season of “the opening” and “breaking forth,” Messiah opened the tomb and broke forth! Breaking every chain of bondage and sin.

And for you who are in Him, you too have the power of the Bikor. No matter what you’re going through, no matter what the problem, what the obstacle, what the situation, no matter what, you’ve got the power to break forth and break through.

Today, whatever situation you find yourself in, use the power of the Bikor to break forth and break through. Call upon Him, His Holiness for He is not only our Messiah but He is the Firstfruit – He’s the Bikor! AMEN.



From Message #2030 - The Power of the Firstfruitful Authored by Jonathan Kahn Ministries.


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