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The Morning Star

A Prayer of Adoration

“I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things for the churches. I am the root and the descendant of David, the bright morning star.” Revelation 22:16

Jesus, I adore You and I praise this name of Yours, oh bright morning star. You are the root and descendant of David. You have sent Your angels to testify of Your power and might. May we have ears to hear and receive this name of Yours. In this name, we discover Your light. We discover the guiding presence You provide. We uncover the illumination of Your wisdom and direction of Your Word. I honor You for Your wisdom, truth and guidance which I depend on each moment of my day.

I worship You for the way You seek to make known to each of us the fullness of this great name. Praying this in Your name, AMEN.

Jesus is speaking to John the Revelator here and telling him that he was the morning star. The prophecy of this fact came through Moses in the scripture we referenced in Numbers. Because we know Jesus to be the light of the world and also be the Son of God; we can assuredly conclude that he is the Son light of the world.

The actual morning star in astrology is Venus the second planet from the Sun, orbiting it every 224.7 Earth days. The planet is named after Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty. After the Moon, it is the brightest natural object in the night sky, reaching an apparent magnitude bright enough to cast shadows. Because Venus is an inferior planet from Earth, it never appears to venture far from the Sun. Venus reaches its maximum brightness shortly before sunrise, for which reason it has been known as the Morning Star.

Life is a cruel thing sometimes. The very fact that we are trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of sadness, burdens, joys, victories, and griefs seems to create a darkness that will overwhelm and dampen our joy of living. There are times that situations beyond our control will bring clouds of darkness and long nights to our heart. No more than we can control the patterns of weather can we control the roller coaster of life.

Psalms 30:5

Weeping may!! That doesn't say that it will always last all night. It just says that it may. Then the great conjunction BUT joy cometh in the morning. The only definite or absolute in this scripture is the fact that the morning brings joy. The life around you may seem dark; sorrow, heartache, disappointments, affliction all of these things can bring a Mental or spiritual darkness. Then suddenly there is a brighter light than the moon shining in the darkness; it is the Morning Star. What does it mean? Morning and joy are about to appear.

Jesus was limited in his flesh. Though he is THE light of the world, he was only allowed to be the Morning Star because of the limitation of flesh. He did usher in a new day, it was the day of Grace. Forgiveness and mercy now could be obtained because of the new day. Is it as bright as it can be? No. Is it as bright as it will be? No. There is coming a new day that no living soul has yet to see!!

It is the day that shall be heralded by angels, trumpets, and saints of the ages singing. A day in which shall be no more sickness, death, sighing, tears, heartaches, sin and all the former things shall be passed away. The new day will be an eternal one. The sun, moon, stars, and morning star will pass away for a new and brighter light shall shine to light the new day. The Lamb of God, Jesus Christ will be the light of the new day.

If your path of life and present circumstances seem to be presenting you with clouds of darkness, take courage. Look up my weary friend that light in the dark sky of your life is the Morning Star. The Morning and all the new joy that it will bring is now in sight. Those dark clouds will vanish with wings of the Morning Star.


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