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Zebakh is Hebrew for sacrifice. The priests of Israel would offer up daily the zebakh; the sacrificial offerings on the altar of God. They never offered up doctrines, stories, talk, or religion— only sacrifices.

As in the days of the temple, our faith centers on a Zebakh; the sacrificial offering of Messiah’s life. God did not offer up a doctrine on Calvary. Thus, the offering of our faith isn’t words, it’s the life of Messiah.

Unlike every other religion or philosophy, our faith never consists of just words, doctrines, or even teachings. It consists of an actual life-giving offering. Therefore, your walk must never consist primarily of words, doctrine, or even talk about the Lord. That’s good, but it must consist of the Sacrifice, the Lord Himself, His very life. Thus, the offering you give back to God must likewise never be words but real life on His altar.

Leave all the issues and concerns of your life which are beside the point and get back to Calvary. There you will find the Zebakh, the true offering given to you— the very life of God.

From Message #957 - The Vow: The Sacrifice Mysteries I Scripture: 1 Peter 2:5

TODAY'S MISSION - Go beyond religion and doctrine today and get to the very reality and presence of God.


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