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A Worthy Life

John's whole life was defined by his service to God and to God's Son. His clothing, his food, and his tasks were all defined by his mission — to prepare the way for the Lord. How could he live his whole life for someone else? He could do it because he defined himself as unworthy to be even the servant or slave of this someone else, this coming one who was so much greater than he. Jesus comes to us in our day and asks us to let him define our lives as well. That's what it means to call Jesus Lord — we see ourselves as unworthy to be even his servants and slaves; yet, because of his grace, we are called his sisters and brothers. For such blessings, we offer him our lives in service to him and his Kingdom.

Today's Prayer

Holy and Gracious Father, thank you for being so gracious to me. Please accept my life in service to you as my thanks and praise. In Jesus' name. AMEN.



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