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Be Still My Heart, Be Still My Soul

In our fast-paced culture, we are constantly in motion. Whether it’s our always-packed calendar, always-racing mind, or always-connected technology, we aren’t very good at resting. At the root, many of us are consumed with working, performing, and longing to earn respect, position, authority, value, and love. Whether we attempt to receive these things from people or God, this striving causes us to become tired. Soul tired. The only way that we can begin a journey toward rest is to give ourselves permission to stop.

Today, take some time to find a quiet few moments of solitude. Preferably, it will be a time that you intentionally set aside for the purpose of being still. It would be optimal if you could go to a location that you consider restful, by default, and spend about 10 minutes alone. I think 10 minutes is a reasonable amount of time to hope for. Do this without the aid of technology or means that have the potential to interrupt you.

If stepping away isn’t possible in your day, find a way to create stillness in the midst of your regular flow. Drive in silence to or from work. Sit alone with no phone interaction during lunch. The key in all of this is to not allow anything to populate the time that you have set aside to be quiet and still.



First Reading: Enter

As you read this passage of scripture for the first time you are simply "entering in" or familiarizing yourself with what God is saying here. Notice the circumstances, people, places, etc.

Second Reading: Impress

As you read the same passage of scripture for the second time, notice what word, phrase, sentence or verse makes an "impression" upon you.

Third Reading: Pray

As you read this passage of scripture for the third time through, begin by spending a few moments in prayer thanking and praising God for His Holy Word. As you read, be prayerfully interacting with God about the text.

Fourth Reading: Live

In this final reading of the passage ask God to show you how He wants you to live based on this scripture. Is there something He would have you start doing, stop doing or continue doing?

Caution: There will be a temptation to minimize the importance of being still, but I want to encourage you to be vigilant. Note what is happening in your mind and heart as you engage this time of quiet stillness.

PRAYER: Be still my soul when dearest ones depart

And all is darkened in the vale of tears

You now know His love, His heart

He who comes to soothe thy sorrow and thy fears

Be still my soul the waves and winds shall know

His voice who ruled them as they’d flow

Be still my heart, be still my soul...for the Lord is on your side!




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