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Churches of The Dead

Proverbs 21:16 says, “The man who wanders off from the way of understanding will dwell in the congregation of the dead.”

The Hebrew word for ‘congregation’ is the word ‘kahal.’ When translated into Greek, it becomes ‘ecclesia,’ which means ‘church.’ So it could be translated like, “The man who wanders off from the way of understanding will dwell in the church of the dead.”

This is relevant to our day as we witness more and more churches and denominations wandering away from the Word of God in order to follow the ways of the world and the dictates of the times.

In doing so, many have even embraced what the Bible clearly calls an abomination. They’ve wandered off, and so it’s no accident that these same denominations have largely become the churches of the dead. It’s true of churches and true of people.

All the more, in a day of wandering off and apostasy, you be the one who holds to God’s Word in everything. Be that person of no compromise, and you will never end up dwelling in a church or a life of the dead.

From Message #1158 - Churches Of The Dead Scripture: Psalm 1:5,6

TODAY'S MISSION - Is there an area of your life where you’re not living or following what the Word of God says? Today make up your mind to get that part of your life in the center of His will.

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