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Integrity and Honor

Jealousy, hate, and covetousness are all describing a person lacking in understanding. Those lacking in understanding are constantly comparing themselves with their neighbors. They want what does not belong to them. They destroy with their words.

A person, who understands however, is content in whatever state he or she is in. They know that God has everything under control and is giving them as much as He can trust them with so they are at peace with their neighbor and with themselves and with God.

In contrast to those who despises his neighbor, to be silent is to be wise.


PRAYER: Holy Father, give me wisdom in the way I use my speech. May it be a blessing to others and a source of praise to you. In Jesus' name I pray. AMEN.

THOUGHTS: Wise people do not have to prove their wisdom by disrespecting others and putting them down. Instead, they hold their tongues and lead their lives speaking what is good, honorable, righteous, and true. In a world of sarcasm and in a culture that is attracted to the person who can put down others with quick and razor-sharp "put downs," we are called to bring a blessing with our words (Ephesians 4:29).



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