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Making Time for Rest

VERSE: ““Stop fighting,” he says, “and know that I am God, supreme among the nations, supreme over the world.”” — ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭46:10‬ ‭

Disconnect From Distractions.

If you don't take time away from the world around you, you're going to get pulled down by the world around you. — Erwin McManus

One of the definitions of rest is to be free from anxiety or disturbance. In this time in our lives, we can easily find things that would disturb our rest as well as cause anxiety. They may be enjoyable in the moment and feel like they refresh us, but in the end, we are depleted from true rest.

Countless people are talking about the different ways to disconnect in our ultra-connected world. There are books, articles, podcasts, and messages giving us three steps to not be overwhelmed by things that rob our attention. But not everyone is distracted by the same things. What distracts one person is not a struggle for the next. 

In order to break away from the distractions in our lives, we have to consider a couple of things. First, we have to know what distracts us. Those things that tear us away from the important because they either feel urgent or they are just fun to indulge in. And secondly, we have to be willing to lay down our agendas so that the most important people in our lives don’t feel like distractions. 

Whatever that thing is that steals peace and rest from us, we must set some limits. Likely after reading that sentence, we all know exactly what it is. Instead of letting distractions keep us from rest and the most important people in our lives, maybe we…

  • ...don’t open our computer for work while our kids are awake. 

  • ...choose to focus on the good instead of being distracted by the worries of the world. 

  • ...set a specific ringtone for our family members and let the rest go to voicemail. 

  • ...choose not to watch TV until the weekend. 

  • ...set aside our plans for the future so that we can live in the present. 

  • ...make it a habit to start your day with the LORD and a prayer.

If we find ourselves in a continual place of anxiety and feeling disturbed, we must decrease or even eliminate such things that cause us to feel that way. It won’t be easy. Anything worth having takes work and sacrifice. Let’s not go another day where we allow the distractions of this world to keep us from God’s best rest for us. 


  • What is the biggest thing that distracts you from truly resting?

  • What steps do you need to take today to remove or limit these distractions in your life?

  • Write down any revelation that God speaks to you through today’s Bible reading or devotional.

PLEASE PRAY WITH ME: Holy Father, I come to you with a humbled heart. I am weary of this chaos and uncertainty. Everywhere I look I find violence, lies and deceit. Lord, I set my heart upon your Word and my life in your hands. I need you, Father. Please grant me your peace and calm my heart with your loving embrace. In thy Holy name, I pray. AMEN.



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