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My Undying Love

PLEASE PRAY WITH ME: Thank you, O’ Abba for sending us Your Son to live here among us. As a Son, You know what it's like to be like a child, and to feel everything that children go through. Thank you, for our parents who have given us this life, and raised us to the best of their ability. I thank them for their sacrifices, and forgive them for their inequities. Lord, I thank you for everything I have today, I am alive because of Your loving grace. Thank you for filling my heart with Your love so that I can encourage, nurture and provide for those in need.

Lord, I pray for all the children around the world that you would be in their lives and they would grow up knowing how much they are loved by you. Bless them, Abba and watch over them. In the Holy name of Your Son, my Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN.



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