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Pray Unceasingly

“Now He was telling them a parable to show that at all times they ought to pray and not to lose heart,“ - Luke 18:1

So much of the Lord's teachings were demonstrated through stories and parables but familiarity with the text and a less than perfect translation has often reduced the urgency of a message or conceals the significant truth that lies within.

In his gospel, Luke was seeking to convey the absolute necessity and the imperative demand for men to pray at all times; to remain in constant communion with the Lord and not to lose hope or to give up, but rather, to live in a attitude of prayer moment by moment, in order to maintain ongoing contact with our almighty God.

This parable is designed to urge us not to become discouraged or to lose heart, but to keep on seeking the Lord - to keep on keeping on, in utter dependency on our heavenly Father.

The need to keep in constant communion with the Lord is not just a good idea but is absolutely necessary. It is imperative that we maintain an ever-open channel of communication between ourselves and our heavenly Father, and when that channel of communication is closed, it is not the fault of our Father, but our own - for sin in its many guises and disguises is the single cause that keeps sinful man from a holy God and keeps a forgiven sinner from his heavenly Father.

In this parable we are urged that men MUST pray at all times and not to lose heart - for it is only the humble heart that is clean before the Lord, and who trusts in Christ alone for his needs and necessities, that will maintain constant communion and uninterrupted fellowship - which equates to an attitude of unbroken prayer.

PRAYER: Loving Father, help me I pray to remain clean before You in thought, word and deed so that I may maintain that attitude of unbroken communion with You - in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.


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