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Remembering The Good Statues

How many times have you thought, ”Why me? Why do I have all the problems and troubles? Why does God allow this?”

Did you know that everything you have experienced up to this point in your life can be used for good? That isn't to say you haven’t experienced hardships. That isn't to say bad things haven’t happened to you. But it is to say that God can work them out for your personal good!

That includes the experiences of your childhood, whether good or bad. That includes your parents, whoever they may be. That includes your education, your present employment, or your lack of it. He will work all things together for good.

I went through hardship as a kid. I came from a home that was broken many, many times over, a home of power and control, materialism, physical and emotional abuse. I wouldn't wish my childhood on anyone. But God used it to make me the person that I am.

In the same way, God has used what you have gone through to make you the person that you are. So let it be worked together for good, and accept God’s promise to you: “All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28). The phrase work together also could be translated “working together.” In other words, it isn't over yet!

Maybe you are going through a process right now in which God is working things together for good. You don’t see it yet. But you are a work in progress. Be patient. You have God’s word on it: He will work all things together for good to those who love Him and are the called according to His purpose. God is ultimately working all things for good — not just the good things, but all things.

Staying focussed on our problems is the easiest thing one can do. It is like an addiction, the more we dwell on it the more we feel pity for ourselves. I can tell you this, because this was my story. A story that has tragedies written as far as my memory goes. Then, GOD saved me — He promised me a life eternal with Him and He promised never to let go! Now it is my turn, I must anchor to His Good Statutes so I can see His promise come true.

Friends, since sin entered in our flesh, it is easy not to remember Him in good times — the enemy wants us to forget GOD’s promise to each one of us. He is relentless at distracting us from anchoring ourselves to God’s good statues.

King David could have thought the same thoughts and could have given up on the promise God made him. He could have been easily defeated by the negative thoughts the enemy puts in our minds. But history shows that David persevered and stayed focussed on that promise! The promise that held his glorious future — we have that same promise.

Hold fast to His promise for He never fails. In Jesus’ mighty name, AMEN.



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