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Service From The Heart

Jesus is speaking in today’s verse, about the Pharisees and scribes who were condemning the disciples for eating without washing their hands. And it seems that He was saying that what these people were saying with their mouths, were contrary to what was in their hearts. However, there’s definitely no contradiction, as we know very well how easy it is to lie and act like we are or like something, when we are actually quite different in our heart! That’s why it’s not enough that we analyze our words at face value or anything, instead we really need to analyze the truth behind the words we say, and see why we say what we do. Today though, we need to focus on the fact that we need to serve God from our hearts, not just with lip service! We’re going to focus on the first verse alone. Too many people claim they are Christians, yet they don’t know the words of Jesus from the words of the Devil Himself! They say they love God, but if God ever asked them to give up a very small, simple thing, they’d curse God and say forget it! These are the ones who honor God with their lips, but their heart is far from Him! Not too long ago I had noticed that many actors and actresses were coming out and saying they were Christians. Very quickly though I sensed that it wasn’t all true. It was becoming mostly just a fad to say they were a Christian! Some were true and you could tell whom they were. Others however, were simply speaking vain and empty words. Just as we are told not to love in words alone, but in deed and in truth (1 John 3:18), we need to love GOD just the same: not in word or tongue alone, but in Deed and in Truth! We all know the saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” And how true that is! Some would take that though, and become “undercover Christians” by saying absolutely nothing about the Lord, but expecting their actions to be enough.

Yet truth be told, there is NO such thing as “undercover Christians” because the day you become one, you no longer are a Christian (You hide your salvation, a way of being ashamed of Him). Your light is NOT supposed to be hid undercover, but is supposed to be set to be seen by all! We must remember that we need to be real. We can say one thing all we want and we can lie to people all the day long. However, God knows the truth! So let us get it in our hearts, to serve and worship and love the Lord our God with all our being! This isn’t talking about speaking by faith, trying to build ourselves up by speaking the Word of God. No, we’re supposed to speak the truth and get it into our hearts so that it comes from our mouth all the time. Yet what this verse is talking about, is ceasing from worshiping God with our mouths, and start honestly and earnestly seeking and desiring and Worshiping the Lord.

One thing to think about is this: during praise and worship services, do you sing? Do you just sing? While you’re singing are you thinking about the people around you, or what you need to do later, or how much longer the service is going to be, and all sorts of other things? . . . That is honestly worshiping Him with your mouth but your heart and mind is somewhere else. This is why worship, and praise, is NOT a matter of singing songs alone. It’s a thing you do from your heart, the very inner being! So let us never forget that we need to give God HEART service, instead of just lip service! I love you greatly, and do pray for you. I pray that you are having an amazing day today in the Lord, and I pray that you are continually blessed by God, and BEING a blessing to God in return! Keep us all in your prayers, and I shall see you again tomorrow! Love Always in Christ, Your Friend, And Brother, Michael


Reference: Workmen For Christ


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