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The High Admiral

READ VERSE: Mark 4:36

Jesus was the Lord– the High Admiral on the sea– that night when a great storm arose, and His presence preserved the whole convoy of boats. It is good to sail with Jesus even though we may find ourselves in a small boat.

When we sail in Christ’s company we may not be guaranteed fair weather for great storms may toss the boat that carries the Lord Himself! We must not expect to find the sea less boisterous around our little boat. If we go with Jesus we must be content to fare as He fares, and, when the waves are rough to Him, they will be rough to us. It is by tempest and tossing that we shall come to land as He did before us.

When the storm swept over Galilee’s dark lake, all faces gathered blackness and all hearts despaired. When all human help was useless, the slumbering Savior arose, and with a word transformed the riot of the tempest into the deep quiet of a calm. It was then that the little boats came to rest along with the one that carried the Lord.

Not one ship in His convoy will be destroyed. The great Commodore will steer every boat in safety to the desired haven. By faith we will sail onward with Jesus into new waters of tribulation. Winds and waves will not spare us, but they all will obey Him. Therefore, no matter whatever squalls may come against us, faith will bring a blessed calm within. Jesus is ever in the center of His weather-beaten company. Let us rejoice that His boat has reached the haven, and so shall ours.


- By Charles H. Spurgeon, Revised and Edited by William C. Neff


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