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Unsearchable Things...


Right in the center of Jeremiah is a passage that prophesies peace, prosperity, comfort, and hope for the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. National restoration, universal redemption, and the spiritual healing of the northern and southern kingdoms are the key elements. At the same time, echoes of God's judgment on the wicked precede and follow this message of hope for Israel.

Jeremiah spent most of his life warning his people of severe judgment to come if the nation did not repent of their evil ways and return to the Lord their God. He was faithful to his calling yet had to endure an onslaught of mocking, loneliness, imprisonment, and rejection.

Despite his divinely inspired message, Jeremiah was subjected to unbelievable ridicule and obliged to witness his rebellious nation's refusal to heed his warning before being defeated, dispersed, and sold into slavery.


Jeremiah heard this Word from the Lord while he was confined. His situation looked bleak, as this was not a good time to be a true prophet of God. False prophets were famous, but truth-bearers have been persecuted in every generation, especially the one Jeremiah ministered in.

But God's promise was true. Jeremiah was imprisoned, but his life was in hearing and speaking the messages of God. Even in a pit, he would be able to converse with the Lord (Jer 38). God will speak to us if we will only listen. He has given us his Word, and he has given us his Holy Spirit to be able to discern and keep it.

The Word God had for Jeremiah was one of hope and promise (Jer 33:6-9), along with a true Word about the reality of the wickedness of the times. No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, God has a Word of hope for you. Even when you have read the Bible a hundred times, go to him for a fresh Word and be filled with hope.

However, this promise is true in special ways for us as well. God wants us to call to him. God often waits for us to ask before he blesses us with what he longs to give us. Yet we cannot comprehend and receive all the incredible truth about God. He is to apprehend him in his grace, entirely too big and too glorious for us to know him in His Grace, fully.

PLEASE PRAY WITH ME: Father and Almighty God, you are breath-taking and beyond my ability to comprehend. Dear Father, please bewilder the world by coming on a day everyone least expects. I do long to know you better, dear Father. In Jesus' name. Amen.


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