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7 Signs You Are With A Person You Could Marry

If you're in love, how do you know that you're with the one? Is there a bright flashing light that says "The One"? Odds are, probably not - unless you're in Vegas. In the mean time here are seven signs to help tell you that you're with your soulmate.


You get butterflies that outlast your first real disagreement or argument.

Future Talk

When the two of you discuss the future, you both put each other in it and focus on making a life together.

Morals and Values

You share the same morals and values. You don't have to agree about politics or sports teams, just as long as you support each other's morals and values.

Envisioning the Future

You can't imagine your life without this person. It goes beyond infatuation, you genuinely feel like God made this person for you.

It's Effortless

Your relationship doesn't feel like a chore - it's effortless. While you still work together to make the most out of your relationship, it doesn't feel like a chore because you both want to be part of it. There's a joint effort and a willingness to make the relationship blossom.

You Want the Same Things

You want to make sure that the one you end up with wants the same things. Kids, purchase a home, travel, and careers are just some of the major discussions every couple should have. It's important to be on the same page, so that you can continue the story.

Inner Circle Approval

Your friends and family approve. While it's not the only factor that is necessary, once you've found the one - it is important that your inner circle signs off. Your friends and family will not be blinded by love when they meet and greet your new beau. Their opinions are meaningful in your life. 

We hope you find the love of your life. It is magical and most satisfying. Please share a thought or two, or reach us for any questions.



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