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Be Filled As You Share With Others

Our God gives freely; He is the most generous Father. He created a universe for us, His children, to awe and behold our Father’s majesty. Like all loving fathers, He wants us to be like Him.

While we are here on earth, we are called to gather His blessings, receive forgiveness, share in our wealth love, and gainfully provide all others with His gospel. Just as He leads us, and we become His conduits of love, and forgiveness, to all those around us. As He is generous to us, so we are called to be generous with others. With our acts of kindness, forgiveness and love, we gain to become His beloved children. The more we draw upon His goodness, the more we are filled by Him. And, the more we walk in His character, the more we cherish our lives. At the end, when it is time for us to return home to Him, nothing is more precious than the satisfaction of knowing that even though we stumbled, we chose to rise up again and again.

PLEASE PRAY WITH ME: Holy God, I thank you for all the great examples of generosity that have graced my life. Whether rich or poor, these conduits of Your grace have taught me that I, too, can be more like you as I follow Your way. Bless me Abba, with a heart that is filled with faith and love as I seek to be more generous with others through Your grace. Help me be more forgiving, kind, encouraging others, with the fruits of my labor and the gift of time. In Jesus' holy name I pray. AMEN.



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