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I Am Convinced


Abba Father, help me understand your love more fully. Give me strength to overcome the doubts that our enemy tries to plant in my heart. Bless me with your gracious power and transform me out of my own limitations and into a useful tool in thy service. As I try to keep my eyes fixed on you, Lord, save me from my own doubts that can cause my ruin and destruction. In Jesus' mighty name I pray. AMEN.

Nothing could keep Jesus from coming to save you — not the distance between heaven and earth, not the difficulty of an unexpected pregnancy, not a city fully of travelers and parents tired from a long journey, certainly not a maniacal king who sought to snuff out his life, not jeering mobs crying crucify him, not disciples that abandoned him, not soldiers that mocked him, not a whip that raked his flesh, and not a cross that claimed his physical life. So what makes you think he would let you go or give up on you after his love has captured your heart?



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