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I Love You


PRAYER: Father in heaven, I love you. Even though I am not worthy of your love nor have I done anything to deserve it, Holy Abba, I love you because you have first loved me. I love you because you sent your only Son to be my Lord and Savior, paying the hefty price for my redemption and acceptance into your family. I love you because of your faithfulness. I love you because you have allowed me in your grace to love you. In the name of Jesus, I thank you. Amen. +++ THOUGHT: We sing it, and we say it in our public prayers: "Father, God, we love you." But notice the beginning phrase of our verse very carefully. "Father in heaven, I love you." Even in public, community worship, we are taught the importance of a personal expression of love to God. When is the last time you told the Creator of the universe, "I love you!" +++ GOD BLESS YOU. (Please share and make an impact in someone's life.)


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