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The Greatest Giver

A one hour, door-to-door, two trains, five flights of stairs, 5 days a week, rain or shine journey to work is not exactly fun! My one way warm up to work, courtesy, London living! Unless of course, one decides to get creative in discovering reasons to make it interesting.

One evening on my way back home, before I boarded the London Underground, was seated the ‘familiar’ blind man, a ‘gifted’ flautist. Even though his tune was totally drowned out by the raucous, and-cares of the-London-worker-bees trudging home, he was there everyday playing his instrument. It was, as if to say, “Here is a melody to soothe your ailing souls…” but no one really seem to stop and listen. So today. there was nothing unusual about it, or so I thought. This was another perfect example of a boring ride home! I was wrong.Today, even though my ears were deaf, my eyes casually sifted on the scanty coins strewn across his collection mat. “A meager collection for a long day’s work”, I thought. After a long day of blowing out his breath, all that he could gather was a few coins! Then there was a something that stirred my weary heart.

On his mat, along with the coins, there was a candy bar, Mars. Some kind soul must have lovingly placed it there just to cheer this flautist ailing heart. Perhaps, he had no clue it was there. Perhaps, he had no real knowledge of what the real Mars was like! This small, kind gesture of giving a little something to someone who’d never be able to grasp or appreciate fully brought to mind another realization; my own gift, an extraordinary gift of life that was given to me by the Grandest Giver this world has ever known. This precious gift we have and many aren’t even able to fully appreciate, Including me.

I was reminded, there is no time to feel sad or joyless, the drudgery of living our lives here on earth is a gift. We do not deserve anything but are given everything we need. And above all we are given a loving Savior, who has give us a gift of eternal life with Him, and He has done so by paying the highest price for my life, our lives. We are all transitory passengers, rushing through our lives, eager to reach our destination, all the while we forget, how wondrous is this journey and how picturesque are His ways of sharing His love for us.



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