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Empathy and Justice

God abhors those who take advantage of people who are powerless, who are going through a series of difficulties, or who are in hurtful situations. Those who exploit the needy, week, poor, or disadvantaged must know that God sees their actions and will hold them accountable. Those who are in distress must keep their faith in God, trusting that He sees, cares, and will send His help at the right time. Those of us who fit neither category need to be working for the deliverance and blessing of those who are facing difficulties and hardships. Our Lord, our Father, our Savior — holds empathy towards all those who are hurting and suffering injustice.

PLEASE PRAY WITH ME: Gracious God, please bless several people I know who are in times of real distress and heartbreak. Please use me to minister to them. But please, dear Father, fill them with your Spirit so they will have the strength and courage necessary to endure. Bless them with deliverance that is clearly from you, so that all will know your grace and give glory to you. In Jesus' name I pray. AMEN.




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