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Expect God's Goodness And Abundance


PRAYER: Glorious GOD, you are worthy of all our Praise. You bring season of abundance. Lord, may I never forget that no harvest is possible without sowing the seed. But, I praise you that you bless the fruit of my toil and teach me to prune the waste. LORD, I acknowledge you in all the seasons of my life and your abundant Love and Mercies through your Son, Jesus Christ, my LORD and Savior. AMEN!

All the year round, every hour of everyday, God is richly blessing us—both when we sleep and when we wake His mercy waits upon us. The sun may leave off shining, but our God will never cease to cheer His children with His love!

Like a river His loving-kindness is always flowing with fullness as inexhaustible as His own nature, which is its source. Like the atmosphere which always surrounds the earth, and is always ready to support the life of man, the benevolence of God surrounds all His creatures—in it, as in their element, they live and move, and have their being.

Yet as the sun on summer days appears to gladden us with beams more warm and bright than at other times, and as rivers are at certain seasons swollen with the rain, and as the atmosphere itself on occasions is fraught with more fresh, more bracing, or more balmy influences than before, so is it with the mercy of God—it has its golden hours, its days of overflow when the Lord magnifies His grace, and lifts high His love before the sons of men!

If we begin with the blessings of the nether springs, we must not forget that for the race of man, the joyous days of harvest are a special season of excessive favor. It is the glory of autumn that the ripe gifts of providence are then abundantly bestowed; it is the mellow season of realization, whereas all before was but hope and expectation. Great is the joy of harvest! Happy are the reapers who fill their arms with the generosity of heaven.

Friends, you are blessed not because of your good works, good looks, qualifications or industry experience, but because of Jesus’ finished work. He alone has qualified you to receive God’s goodness and abundance every day for the rest of your life!


References: Charles Spurgeon Sermon given at Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit on September 27, 1863.


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