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Perseverance Under Trial

Have you heard someone saying, "Those who give up, lose. Those who persist, win."

OR, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again"?

Perseverance is sticking with things. It means being hardworking and finishing what is started, despite barriers and obstacles that arise. The pleasure received from completing tasks and projects is very important to those who are high in perseverance. Sometimes he or she must dig deep and muster the will to overcome thoughts of giving up.

Perseverance involves organizing oneself to support activities (e.g., scheduling breaks and sticking to them, rewarding in small ways along the way), but when all else fails, this strength helps the person to barrel through until the project is done. This helps build further confidence for future successes and goal accomplishment. Perseverance involves the voluntary continuation of a goal-directed action despite the presence of challenges, difficulties, and discouragement. There are two vectors of perseverance. It requires both effort for a task and duration to keep the task up.

How it works in principle?

Think of the story about the Dog and The Bone. Like a dog worrying at a bone, a person who shows a single-minded focus can be a fearsome opponent. Just seeing your dogged determination can be enough to make others give up.

With perseveration what other characteristics get displayed?


Passion for your subject is important. If the other side realizes that you care so much about your view, they may also realize that you are not going to give in easily. They might also wonder if you have got a point somewhere and so weaken.


Patience is a virtue that the persistent person learns. They may not expend much energy at one time, conserving their batteries for the long-term. Like a dripping tap, they just quietly keep going.


Persistence does not necessarily mean repeating yourself. Trying lots of different approaches can win through. If the front door is barred, go around the back. If the way is blocked, get a ladder. Just keep at it from every conceivable angle. This is how hackers find the 'back door' into computers.


The wise persistent person learns at each attempt and uses that learning not only to vary their approach but also vary it intelligently. If one method does not work, it may only need a slight change to make it work next time.

why is this important?

Repeating yourself can be a bit of a sledgehammer, but it can also be a dripping tap that wears away the stone. If all else fails and your goal is important, try something else and just never give up.

PLEASE PRAY WITH ME: Holy Father, you are the epitome of patience and loving kindness with me. I praise you for your abundance love and grace in forgiving my transgressions. Abba, though I fail, you give me courage to start again, to persevere. I thank you for not giving up on me and for your steadfastness. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN.



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